Hi, I’m Nikolaus.

I’ve spent the last ten or so years writing and directing creative on both sides of the all-too-blind agency / client divide. I’ve been fortunate to work on brave brands and grow super smart teams.

At agencies, I learned how to swing big and grind for great work. On the client side, I learned how to make sure the work does what it’s supposed to do. My experience has made me rather fluent in both languages, and it has given me a lot of experience building consensus on the road to great creative.

I’ve spent the COVID era working from an undisclosed location in the woods between Seattle and Portland. I own a lot of flannel and Carhartt. If someone asks, I’ll tell them that I got my cat purely to catch the mice that sneak into the house. But the truth is that I got him because his enormous head makes me laugh.

If I’m not writing, I’m probably riding my bike or repeating clichés about an old sailboat I bought and really ought to spend more time restoring.

You can reach me at drellow@gmail.com or 404-368-9645.